Jerry.k & Rico - Believe (d2 1/2) cover

Jerry.k and Rico release free single ‘Believe (d2 1/2)’

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A bit earlier, Jerry.k and Rico have released the free track ‘Believe (d2 1/2)’ to celebrate daze alive music’s second anniversary.

The label started official activites two years ago on this day at club DGBD where the concert ‘DAZE A LIVE 1’ was held with Jerry.k, Sleeq, and Rico. Don Malik joined them at the ‘DAZE A LIVE 5’ concert in November 2014.

In the first verse of ‘Believe (d2 1/2)’, Jerry.k mentions his hopes for daze alive’s future while the second verse is dedicated to his fellow musicians to who he sends sincere wishes.
Another anniversary track by Sleeq and Don Malik is coming soon, or to say it with Sleeq’s words: “The ‘married [man] x lewd devil’ combo is heartwarming, wait for the ‘baldy x general Suleeq’ combo.” (*)


Produced by Humbert
Lyrics by Jerry.k & Rico
All instruments by Humbert
Scratch by DJ Dolphin
Recorded by Jerry.k at daze alive studio, Rico at Rico Studio
Mixed & mastered by Park Kyungsun at Boostknob
Artwork by Jerry.k