Jerry.k, RHYME-A- 작두 Remix covers

Jerry.k and RHYME-A- each release a remix of Deepflow’s ‘작두’

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After Deepflow has released the instrumental and acapella version of his album ‘Yanghwa’, both Jerry.k and RHYME-A- remixed the track ‘작두’ [Cut Cut Cut] and released it for free.

Info: ‘작두’ (jakdoo) are old Korean straw cutters on which shaman’s walk barefooted (as can be seen on the artwork of RHYME-A-‘s remix) to show off their divine power.
Both remixes were well-received by fans. Jerry.k commented on his remix: “That person suddenly came, so I tried this,” implying that he was being ‘possessed by god’ like a shaman and thus tried ‘walking on the jakdoo’. Jerry.k’s remix received attention for his expressing his opinion on Show Me The Money, especially the controversial ‘cypher’.

Listen to Jerry.k’s remix that came out yesterday and RHYME-A-‘s remix that came out today!

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