Jang Hyejin - Good Time (Feat. Nucksal) cover

Jang Hyejin releases ‘Good Time’ featuring Nucksal

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Yesterday, singer Jang Hyejin has released the third part of her ‘ordinary’ project series about ordinary and common things titled ‘Good Time’ which features Nucksal.

The song could be everyone’s story and will provide consolation and comfort for those who are tired from running forward in life all the time.

The ‘ordinary’ project, which continuously delivers us fresh sounds, is a collaboration with Stoneship who have specialized in producing black music. As expected, many hiphop artists participated in the making of the song. It features VMC’s Nucksal who writes philosophical and clear lyrics, has a unique and excellent flow, and is receiving great love from fans for being a ‘free soul’. On top of this, daze alive’s head Jerry.k participated in writing lyrics, and The Cohort’s producer Coke Jazz was in charge of producing the beat and arranging it. There is more: talented female R&B singer Hoody with her unique voice was in charge of the melody line, a great combination with veteran singer Jang Hyejin.

Lyrics by Jerry.k, Nucksal, Hoody
Produced by Coke Jazz, Hoody
Vocals arranged by Hoody
Arranged by Coke Jazz
Mixed by Psycoban
Mastered by Boost knob
Photo by Boobagraphy
Artwork by Rowdee38
Production / A&R by DDolbae for STONESHIP



Source: rokhiphop