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Jäger & Lucas release single ‘긴장풀어 (Slow Down)’

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Jäger & Lucas of CHILD in the Kitchen, who previously released the single ‘Talk to You‘, have gotten together again for their second digital single ‘긴장 풀어 (Slow Down)’ which was released today.

After attending the Classical Voice program at Idyllwild Arts Academy, newcomer Jäger (real name: Brian Shin) has taken time off from studying composition at Berklee College of Music to return to Korea. Lucas (real name: Han Jungsoo) has been active in Japan for a long time.
The song is a careful message for one’s beloved, telling them to “slow down, nothing will happen so you don’t have to worry,” but also expresses one’s thoughts and feelings of “What if ….?” The rap that sounds like a sweet, soft whisper of emotions and the slightly jokingly sounding but still serious chorus complete the storytelling. A laid-back feeling and a swing groove are the foundation of the track which uses unique and vintage instruments like a Hammond organ. A session from Berklee has played the bass, keyboard, and organ.
Enjoy this song with its laid-back and vintage charm made by young and talented artists!

The single is not available on iTunes yet. Follow the artists or their label (links below) to be updated when it’s out!

Tracklist & Credits:
  1. 긴장풀어 (Slow Down)
    Lyrics, composed and arranged by Jäger
  2. 긴장풀어 (Slow Down) (Inst.)
    Composed and arranged by Jäger
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