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Ja Mezz reveals ‘1/4’ tracklist and album cover

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‘1/4’ is about the lives of young Korean men who have lived one fourth of their life, in other words, those who are in their mid-twenties.

The album will be released online and offline on Ja Mezz’s 26th birthday, August 11.

“Ja Mezz’s charm is that he steadily keeps his nature no matter what the surroundings, this is how I saw him as a person. After listening to his first album, I realized that the same goes for his music. While going back and forth between beats with various atmospheres, there is nothing unnecessary and it does not sound try-hard, his rap does not miss the ‘center stage’. It has been a very long time since I last heard such a refreshing and pleasant voice in this scene. The more you listen, the more you’ll like the album! PS: I heard that his peer rappers are racking their brains about his entry [into the scene].” – Tablo1)The last part contains a pun on ‘racking’ (ssa mezz) and Ja Mezz.

“Not many people are used to the artist Ja Mezz. His album ‘1/4’ lets you feel what I felt when I met him. What it is like to grow up as a South Korean man, the longing for success, pleasures, the artist’s identity, this is what 1/4 is about. It is not an exciting or dramatic album. However, his clean rap, expressiveness, and the production make it interesting. And even without meeting and talking to him personally, I think you will be able to feel the same way as I did.” – Paloalto

Tracklist (English titles only temptative):
01. Satellite (feat. ENAN)
02. Pilot
03. 깔깔이 [Fresh Money].
04. Strexx
05. 전당포 [Pawnshop].
06. Audi
07. Drinks up (feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo)
08. 오늘따라 [Today out of All Day] (feat. ENAN)
09. Hangover
10. Lab
11. (Bonus Track) 십중팔구 [Nine Times out of Ten] (feat. Crucial Star, Loco)

Cover artwork by Cha Inchul (INCH), Kim Sunghee, Han Sangyup
Photo by Booba


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