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Ja Mezz releases EP album ‘1/4’ and MV

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Today, on Ja Mezz’s 26th birthday, his EP album ‘1/4’ has been released online and offline as well as the music video for the EP’s title track ‘Pilot’.

‘1/4′ is about the lives of young Korean men in their mid-twenties. It tells daily stories of the feelings most young people have towards the subject ‘dreams’, like desire and passion, hope and inferiority. Ja Mezz approaches this worn-out subject freshly with his characteristic frankness and insight.

The album’s title track ‘Pilot’ is about his story of being addicted to the dream of flying in the sky. The music video was filmed in Hwacheon, Kangwon-do, where Ja Mezz spent his childhood, in Sichuan, China, where Ja Mezz spent his school days after immigrating with his family, at Hanyang University which he is currently attending, and in Hoegi-dong, Seoul, where Ja Mezz lives. The music video ‘My Day’ (나의 하루) which features the title track ‘Pilot’ as well as the tracks ‘Audi’, ‘Drinks Up’, and ‘Hangover 3’, is also included in the album.

The 4 meters wide and 2 meters long props  on the album cover in the form of ‘1/4’ were planned by Ja Mezz together with designer Cha Inchul (INCH) and Han Sangyup (Nash). Together with his crew Krosshartz, they personally made them at Kyunghee University’s art workroom. The forms that are bigger than a person are full of objects that give a peek into Ja Mezz’s daily life.

The album features same-aged rappers Loco and Crucial Star, Krosshartz’s ENAN, and Mamamoo’s Hwasa. The music video was directed by No Sangyoon, the photos for the artwork taken by Booba, soriheda was the sound engineer, Cha Inchul aka INCH designed the cover, Dakshood, Grene Man, and others produced the tracks.

Ja Mezz’s label Grandline Entertainment said, “Ja Mezz participated not only in ‘1/4’s producing but also in planning the artwork, music video, album design, etc.” and, “If you enjoy the music together with these various contents which Ja Mezz has passionately and carefully prepared for a long time, you will have a more abundant listening experience.”

Many artists like Tablo, Paloalto, Verbal Jint, and Lil Boy have left positive reviews of Ja Mezz’s album, which raised hiphop fans’ expectations.


01. Satellite (feat. ENAN)
02. Pilot
03. 깔깔이 [Two Years] 04. Strexx
05. 전당포 [Open Up] 06. Audi
07. Drinks up (feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo)
08. 오늘따라 [Always] (feat. ENAN)
09. Hangover
10. Lab
11. (Bonus Track) 십중팔구 [Nine Times out of Ten] (feat. Crucial Star, Loco)



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