JA X Syler - JA State of Mind (album cover)

JA and Syler release ‘JA State of Mind’ LP

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Producer JA and rapper Syler have released a full-length album together, as well as the music video of the track ‘Light It Up (Feat. Mutang, Deepflow)’.

On the beats of veteran producer JA, Syler raps stories of his daily life in Jang-an-dong, while casually mocking certain rappers and showing respect for others. In the eight tracks of ‘JA State of Mind‘, Syler also expresses his wish to succeed together with his friends.

Track List & Credits:
  1. Do or Die
  2. 2005 (Skit)
  3. 무법자 (Feat. Lowkey, Bassagong)
  4. JA State Of Mind (Feat. DJ Crokey) TITLE
  5. Light It Up (Feat. Mutang, Deepflow)
  6. Inspiration
  7. Positive Vibe (Feat. Rapideal)
  8. Blueprint (Feat. Mutang)

Executive Producers: JA, Syler
All produced by JA (except “Skit: 2005”)
Mixed and mastered by JA
Recorded by Syler at Hotbox, various artists at various studios
Art Direction/Caligraphy: LEERYAN
Cover Photograph: LEERYAN
Additional Photograph: Syler & Bona Zoe
MV directed by Team Test Type

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