J.slow - Mixtape Vol. 1 Slow Tape (cover)

J.slow releases first mixtape ‘Slow Tape’ for free

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Read on to download and listen to J.slow’s first mixtape ‘Slow Tape’!

The mixtape is J.slow’s personal selection of ten free tracks he has released so far. He made this mixtape to get closure so he can have a new start with the release of his upcoming single album.
Listen to ‘Slow Tape’ on SoundCloud and download it here!

1. Slow Tape
2. That’s Me
3. Fire Friday (With ZTA) (Prod. by ZTA)
4. 성대모사랩 [Imitation Rap].
5. 내멋대로해 [I Do As I Please] (Prod. by Super Touch)
6. Say My Name (Prod. by ZTA)
7. 말만많아 (With Kim Chulbum)
8. Born Hater
9. Long Time No See (With Freelow, Still PM) (Prod. by Plug G)
10. 적셔 [Get It Wet].



Source: J.slow’s Twitter