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J.Counter releases double single and MV ‘All My Life’

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J.Counter has released the double single ‘All My Life’ today, along with a music video.

J.Counter is the MC of the team J.Counter & Stringer who have released amongst others the singles ‘비켜봐’ [Out of the Way], ‘멈춰’ [Stop], and ‘눈이가’ [I Keep Looking]. J.Counter has also worked with producer Morello a lot, they released the single ‘Ma Bae’ in May 2015. In this album, you will be able to experience the two’s synergy again. The double single is made up of two songs which go so well together that they feel like a whole.

The first track ‘All My Life (Feat. Stringer)’ lets you feel J.Counter’s urgency as a musician and a regular guy. In the first verse, he expresses his affection and sadness for his colleagues who gave up music and quit. Towards the end, the artist refers to himself as an “unknown rapper,” not to put himself down but rather to declare war against everything that pressured him. The second verse is about growing pains and J.Counter’s belief to endure them for the sake of the people he loves. The music video for this track was filmed at Kyung Hee University, Han River Bridge, and Dongdaemun. Its overall atmosphere is dreariness and loneliness. You can clearly feel J.Counter’s strength of trying to live with the pain those feelings bring.

The second track ‘올라 [Up] (Feat. Sapo)’ is about a certain disillusionment and anger that J.Counter actually experienced while being active in the underground scene. Due to the Korean music scene’s structure, it is difficult for underground rappers to make a living. The song’s lyrics tell of how J.Counter ends up feeling hostile against everything inside that scene. Here, the rapper compares himself to Che Guevara to depict his life of a cruel realist who has dreams nevertheless. He makes it clear that he plans to get to the top. The song’s meaning is deepend by the featuring of the Korean underground hiphop scene’s lonely warrior Sapo, the icon of perseverance.

As mentioned before, the whole double single was produced by Morello, who will keep working with J.Counter. The music video for the first track ‘All My Life’ (see below) was directed by OCK Production’s Eddie.

01. All My Life (Feat. Stringer)
02. 올라 [Up] (Feat. Sapo)

Lyrics by J.Counter, Sapo
Produced by Morello
Mixed and mastered by Morello
Recorded by Backgunn @ Backgunn studio
Cover artwork by Eddie (OCK)
MV directed by Eddie (OCK)
Photo by jaythree
Chorus by Stringer



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Source: ROKHipHop