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Innovator releases single ‘Mom’s Favorite’

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Innovator has released the single ‘Mom’s Favorite’ today which features Basick.

In this single, Innovator expresses his feelings towards his mother who has been unchangingly supporting his musical career. The single album is made up of two tracks, ‘Pink Funk (Feat. Basick)’ which is the type of upbeat track Innovator’s mother likes, and ‘Mom’s Favorite’ which is a present for his mother.

Innovator made his debut in 2007 with the EP ‘Time Travel’. He then released singles like ‘HIP HOP’, ‘팽이‘, ‘iiF‘, and ‘I Remember‘. In SMTM4 he reached the top four and created several hits like ‘MORE THAN A TV STAR (Feat. Lee Hi)’ and ‘OG (BE ORIGINAL)’.

‘Mom’s Favorite’ is available on iTunes.
Track List & Credits:
  1. Pink Funk (Feat. Basick)
    Lyrics by Innovator, Basick | Composed by Innovator, BOYCOLD | Arranged by BOYCOLD
    “After making the hook for this track, I didn’t work on it for several months. Then one day, when I was in a good mood, I listened to it by chance and completed it because it was fun. I really made it without having any deep thoughts. I asked Basick-hyung to participate in the hook. Working on this track was fun and not in the least bit serious.”
  2. 어마이 (Mom’s Favorite)
    Lyrics by Innovator | Composed by Innovator, Slyberry, Mantra | Arranged by Slyberry
    “I wanted to give my mom a song as present She has always supported my musical career and is always on my side. All children are loved by their parents, but I think I received more love than others. So, I wanted to make a song for my mom and made this track, but writing the lyrics was very difficult. There is a lot I couldn’t express in words, but I hope that my mom will enjoy this song anyway.”
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