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illinit x i11evn release ‘Airborne’ project album

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illinit x i11evn collaborative album

[Airborne] Recently independent artist illicit and FACTORY BOi Production artist i11evn established their musical companionship and collaborated on the album [Airborne]. The duo began working on the album last December and was announced on April 21.


After going independent, I wanted to make my music the way I want and enjoy the journey in between. I met i11evn on the way, and we both agreed to work on a collaborative album. Instead of worrying about whether we should drop a single, mini album or full album, we took our time and enjoyed creating each track, which turned out to be a 7-track EP. I’m satisfied by the way this project turned out; I was able to express myself lyrically without any boundaries. I’m confident that our project album will uplift our fans and listeners.


Our relevancy in the current hip-hop scene, our musical goals and ambition: these were conveyed in our project album [Airborne]. We didn’t collaborate just for the sake of collaborating; we created music based on our similar ambitions as well as topics of interest and helped each other on the way. The collaboration was musically stimulating throughout the project, and I believe our music will be equally stimulating to our listeners.

The album artwork is created by artist @CharlieChoi.

Check out the live studio performance of their track “One Life”


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