i11evn - Day N Nite : ATV & Vibe (cover)

i11evn releases double single ‘Day N Nite : ATV & Vibe’

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FACTORY BOi Production’s i11evn has released a new double single ‘Day N Nite : ATV & Vibe’ today.

i11evn filled the single with describing the time when he had fun with his friends riding ATVs under the blazing sun in summer 2014 and the time when he was curious about the meaning of his birth under the cold moonlight.

The first track ‘ATV’ features Rwam and Supreme Boi from i11evn’s crew ROCK BOTTOM and was produced by Nooheat who also produced i11evn’s single ‘SIWI’. The second track ‘Vibe’ was produced by ROCK BOTTOM’s Hongsamman.


Track list:
01. ATV (feat. Rwam, Supreme Boi)
Produced by Nooheat
Lyrics by i11evn, Supreme Boi
Composed by Nooheat
Arranged by Nooheat
All instruments by Nooheat
Chorus by i11evn, Rwam, Supreme Boi

02. Vibe
Produced by Hongsamman
Lyrics by i11evn
Composed by Hongsamman
Arranged by Hongsamman
All instruments by Hongsamman
Chorus by i11evn


Executive producer: FAME-J for FACTORY BOi Production
Produced by i11evn, Nooheat, Hongsamman
Recorded, mixed and mastered by FAME-J at FACTORY BOi Studio
Artwork by Bredgraphy
Calligraphy by dontcallmeadog

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