Hwaji - 알 바야 (album cover)

Hwaji releases single ‘알 바야’

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Hwaji has released the single ‘알 바야(What Do I Care) as part of Plug Life’s ARK Project.

The lyrics are part of the world Hwaji depicted in his last album, ‘ZISSOU‘.
“It is time to get on an ark that will break through people’s gazes, standards, and judgement.”
‘알 바야’ (What Do I Care) was produced by Young Soul who has been working with Hwaji for a long time now.
The ARK Project also includes a concert, tickets can only be bought on Melon Ticket.

‘알 바야’ is available on iTunes.

Executive Producer: Inplanet
Produced by Radiostarr
Written & Performed by Hwaji
Mixed by Jay Cry, Young Soul (Radiostarr)
Mastered by Park Kyungsun at Boostknob
Cover art by Aeizoku

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Source: Mnet