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Holy Osa drops project album ‘Blu Scale’

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American artist Holy Osa has just dropped an interesting project album that mixes Miami hiphop with Korean sounds, was recorded in both English and Korean, and for which he worked with popular Korean underground artists like Young Lion, OHIORABBIT, G.Nine, Crack Bit, and many more.

Enjoying the special vibe that Korean hiphop has, Miami-based artist Holy Osa decided to mix the sounds of his local hiphop with Korean ones, working with various Korean singers, rappers, and producers over a span of about five months.

The result is ‘Blue Scale‘, an entirely unique album with a crazy mix of sounds, languages, and styles. The ten tracks were produced by M-Piece, Porya, Sky.High, Crack Bit, and one by Holy Osa himself. They feature Rob Valentine (who is Holy Osa’s All Things Holy crew mate just like M-Piece and Porya), ROLLYBOI, $NOX, Teogold, G.Nine, Dopein₩here Am I, OHIORABBIT, and Young Lion, whose chemistry with Holy Osa can be admired on two whole tracks.

Holy Osa says he has learned a lot while working on this album; receiving inspiration from the Korean rappers, broadening his musical spectrum by trying out new things like brighter sounding music and lyric-driven tracks like ‘Set You Free’, ‘Mullayo’, or ‘Not a Friend’, and very importantly, making new friendships.
The artist is already planning another project album similar to this one in which he wants to rap even more in Korean-HiphopKR will keep you updated!

Now check out the music video for ‘Metro (Feat. Young Lion)’ and give the album a listen-you will especially not want to miss out on the outstanding ‘Set You Free’ which features Teogold, G.Nine (who was previously introduced in our Artist Spotlight series), and Dopein!

Track List & Credits:
  1. Yesterday (Straight 2 LA) ft. Rob Valentine (Prod. by M-Piece)
  2. MOT$$ARA ft. ROLLYBOI (Prod. by Porya)
  3. Like This ft. $NOX (Prod. by Porya)
  4. Phone Tag ft. Young Lion (Prod. by M-Piece)
  5. Not A Friend (Prod. by Sky.High)
  6. Serial Experiments (Prod. by Crack Bit)
  7. Set You Free ft. Teogold, G.Nine, Dopein (Prod. by M-Piece)
  8. Throwaway (막간) ft. ₩here Am I (Prod. by Holy Osa)
  9. Metro ft. Young Lion (Prod. by Porya)
  10. Mullayo 몰라요 ft. OHIORABBIT (Prod. by Porya)

Artwork by Holy Osa
MV by Imagine93

Official Audios:
‘Metro’ MV:

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