Hojae releases first R&B mini album ‘City of Night’

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R&B singer and songwriter Hojae has released his first mini album ‘City of Night’.

It is made up of three tracks: the title track ‘잊을수 없는 밤’ [Unforgettable Night], ‘모습’ [Figure], and ‘자기전에’ [Before Sleeping] which came out during Hojae’s time as Gray City.

The title track is about flirting with a girl at a bar. It is a sweet PBR&B track with a dreamy sound and arrangement to which the word ‘night’ fits well. The arrangement and the melody seem mainstream but also not, and on top of them are the vocals that sound like rap but also not.
The track ‘모습’ [Figure] is about the figure of the woman he loves and the last track ‘자기전에’ [Before Sleeping] is about wallowing in memories while looking at the KakaoTalk profile picture of an ex-girlfriend.

01. 모습 [Figure].
02. 잊을수 없는 밤 [Unforgettable Night].
03. 자기전에 [Before Sleeping] (Acoustic Ver.)
04. 잊을수 없는 밤 [Unforgettable Night] (Inst.)

All songs composed, arranged, and written by Hojae


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