KIMOXAVI - 27% (album cover)

Hiphop duo KIMOXAVI debut with ‘27%’ EP

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Producer/rapper Ray Hill and rapper Fatal of UniqueTunes Records have released their first mini album ‘27%‘ as KIMOXAVI (read: key-mo-sah-bee).

The keywords of the album are ‘revenge and success’: “No matter what anyone says, I will keep making my music according to my belief. Succeeding with good music will be my revenge.”
In the album the two let out all their pain from being excluded and their anger toward uncreative artists and the inflexible hiphop scene. ‘27%’ stands for their own lives and was self-made through countless trials and errors.

Ray Hill is an all-round producer with a broad spectrum including hiphop, R&B, and EDM: he writes lyrics, composes, arranges, raps, sings, records, mixes, masters, and more!

Every Sunday at 9PM KST, KIMOXAVI stream live via YouTube how they record new tracks.

‘27%’ on iTunes
Track List, Description & Credits:
  1. Intro
    The track expresses the calm at a beach before the storm that is KIMOXAVI
  2. This Is Not My Limit
    Ray Hill and Fatal know better than listening to other people talking about limits or caring about boring reality
  3. I Know TITLE
    A track about the problems the two face and what they learn from them
  4. Hold Up
    An attack on the fakes who pretend to be real
  5. G Shit!
    A track with KIMOXAVI swag reprimanding those rappers who don’t work hard and just lament
  6. About Us
    “We have to succeed for the sake of the people we love”

Produced by Ray Hill
Composed by Ray Hill
Lyrics by Fatal, Ray Hill
Arranged by Ray Hill
Recording by Ray Hill & DAZE @ Uniquetunes Studio
Mixed by Ray Hill @ Uniquetunes Studio
Mastered by Ray Hill @ Uniquetunes Studio

Executive Producer: Kim Hyungmin at UniqueTunes Records
Supervised by Ray Hill
A&R: Kim Taejin
Strategy Planning: Kim Hyungmin
Marketing: Euph Kim
Artwork: MINJANG
Distribution, Promotion: CJ E&M MUSIC
Special thanks to Go Yonggyoon, Lee Kyunghee, Jo Gooksoon, Yoon Kyungwan, Dana (Françoise), André Garlaud, Son Yejin, DAZE, Kim Minhee, Jang Min, Kim Dodan, Kim Donggyoo, Shin Jaewoo
UniqueTunes Records: Kim Hyungmin, Ray Hill, ALPHAMUS, DAZE, Kim Taejin, Fatal and KIMOXAVI

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Source: Mnet

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