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Han Sangyub releases EP ‘졸업전시’ (Graduation Exhibition)

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Han Sangyub (Nash) of SouLime SounD has released his first EP ‘졸업전시’ (Graduation Exhibition) today, April 12.

From ‘작가인사’ (Author’s Greeting) to ‘To The World’, the 26-year-old raps about stories from his childhood, the conflicts and worries he has had, as well as his dreams, and even mentions what he sincerely expects from his future from now on.
Han Sangyub said: “You should definitely listen to this album’s tracks in their correct order, and I hope you’ll be looking forward to my future and my music just like me.”
SouLime SounD asked fans to support Han Sangyub’s new beginning as an artist, just like the title track ‘To The World’ says: “The end is another beginning, it has now begun, the second quarter of my life.”
The EP’s tracks were produced by krismaze who has worked with illinit, Zizo, Minos, etc., by Krosshartz producer and singer songwriter ENAN who has previously worked with Han Sangyub on ‘잠 못드는 밤에(On Sleepless Nights), and by Grandline’s DAKSHOOD who has worked with Ja Mezz, Jindoggae, etc. before.

Tracklist and CREDITS:
  1. 작가인사 (Author’s Greeting)
    Composed by krismaze
    Lyrics by Han Sangyub
    Arranged by krismaze
    Guitar by Inhyuk Song
  2. 장래희망 (Future Hope)
    Composed by ENAN
    Lyrics by Han Sangyub
    Arranged by ENAN
    Synth by ENAN
  3. 너무많아 (Too Many)
    Composed by DAKSHOOD
    Lyrics by Han Sangyub
    Arranged by DAKSHOOD
    Synth by DAKSHOOD
  4. To The World
    Composed by DAKSHOOD
    Lyrics by Han Sangyub
    Arranged by DAKSHOOD
    Synth by DAKSHOOD

Executively produced by SouLime
All tracks recorded by Fred, krismaze
Mixed by krismaze
Mastered by “bigboom” @ Sonic Korea
Artwork by Han Sangyub

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