Han Sangyub X Dilli Jinn - Run (cover)

Han Sangyub and Dilli Jinn collaborate on single ‘Run’

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The two SouLime SounD artists Han Sangyub and Dilli Jinn have released the single album ‘Run’.

Han Sangyub, who officially started his music activities with the single ‘잠 못드는 밤에’ last month, and Dilli Jinn, who has yet to debut officially but has already collaborated and stood on stage with krismaze, Dope’Doug, Day Jam and other artists, have released a collaborative single. ‘Run’ was produced by krimaze who worked with Dilli Jinn before on the track ‘내게 독이 돼’ (It Becomes Poison For Me).
SouLime SounD commented: “We hope you enjoy this single and look forward to krismaze’s upcoming album as well as Han Sangyub and Dilli Jinn’s next activities.”

Lyrics by Han Sangyub, Dilli Jinn
Produced by krismaze
Arranged by krismaze
Recorded by Fred & krismaze
Mixed by krismaze
Mastered by “Bigboom” @ Sonic Korea
Artwork by Jong Jin Lee


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