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Grizzly releases single ‘Glider (with SOMA)’

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Singer Grizzly has released a new digital single together with SOMA.

Grizzly wrote ‘Glider‘ while reminiscing about his childhood. It features singer SOMA and is like the full stop to his full-length album ‘i (아이)‘. As reference material before listening to the song, Grizzly recommends: Apollo candy, Vero lollipops, a foam glider, and cup ddeokbokki, featuring a friend. (If you’re unable to get your hands on those sweets, just replace them with your favorite childhood snacks and you’re good to go.)

Scroll down to watch Grizzly perform ‘Glider’ live!


Executive Producers: 이정윤 (Jung-yoon Lee), 고은호 (Eunho Goh) at EGO
Composed by Grizzly, CRACKER
Lyrics by Grizzly, CRACKER
Arranged by Grizzly, CRACKER
Piano by 김소담 (Sodam Kim)
Guitar by 대감 (Daegam) of CRACKER
Bass by Jong-hoon Kim
Recorded by E.Do of CRACKER
Mixed by Stay Tuned
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at JFS Studio
Artwork by 이공 (Gong Lee)

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Source: Mnet