Glam.P - Achieve Success: A.S (cover)

Glam.P releases mixtape ‘Achieve Success: A.S’

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REBEL MAKER$’ Glam.P has released ‘ACHIEVE SUCCESS: A.S’ the last part of the ‘Make A Bet’ series.

This mixtape is an extension of ‘Sweat Blood’ and made up of eleven tracks. It is about various feelings Glam.P had after ‘Sweat Blood’.

01. 성공 가도 (Intro) (Inst.: Gucci Mane – Blame It On Her)
02. SURVIVE (feat. JayDay, Kyeol E) (Inst.: Paloalto – 살아남아 [Survive])
03. Anonymous (feat. Dave.N) (Inst.: Bottles – Tyga type Dope Trap Beat)
04. 우.울.증 [De.pres.sion] (Inst.: Meek Mill – Dreams And Nightmares)
05. 자해 (自害) [Self-Injury] (Inst.: Two Steps From Hell – Master of Shadows)
06. 약육강식 (弱肉强食) [The Law of the Jungle] (Inst.: Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, Young Chop Type Beat)
07. 애연가 (愛煙家) [Heavy Smoker] (feat. JayDay, Dave.N) (Inst.: Jessica James- Turn Up Turn On)
08. SKIT (Prod. Deshan)
09. Lonely Night (Inst.: Lonely City – Empty Beatz)
10. 지겨워 [Fed Up] (feat. JayDay) (Inst.: Qwala – Put it Down)
11. Street Girl (Inst.: Musiq – Just Friends)

Mixed and mastered by Glam.P
Artwork by Glam.P





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