Gem I - 대끼리 (cover)

Gem I released second mixtape ‘대끼리’

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Mafia Records’ Gem I has released his second mixtape ‘대끼리’ (Gyeongsang dialect for ‘awesome’). Read on to listen, watch, and download!

01. 홍대 [Hongdae] (이번 주말에 뭐해 [What are You Doing this Weekend?]) (prod. by Gwang-gi)
02. LAG (Ladies & Gemtlemen) (feat. Jin Joonwang, Yejul) (on The Notorious B.I.G – 10 Crack Commandments)
03. 대끼리 [Awesome] (prod. by Mixla)
04. ??? (feat. DONO) (prod. by DONO)
05. 랩하러 서울로 올라온 촌놈 [A Country Bumpkin Came to Seoul to Rap] (on BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Tone’s Rap)
06. dongwankim (Wit Guy) (feat. Kim Kibong) (on Nas – Bridging The Gap)
07. Fuck That Drink (On Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles)
08. Love Story (feat. Hye) (prod. by Gwang-gi)
09. Luxury Girl (feat. DONO) (on Pharoh – No No No)
10. Dear Ma Fam (feat. Ego) (on Swings – For Mother)
11. 반송동 [Bansong-dong] (on Pharoh – 연남동 [Yeonnam-dong])
12. 할래 [Wanna Do It?] (prod. by Whalehoon)
13. Show Me Your Smile (feat. La.Q, Fade) (on DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Definition)
14. LAG (Gem I Solo Ver.) (on The Notorious B.I.G – 10 Crack Commandments) (Bonus Track)
15. 자취생 [Living On My Own] (Remastered) (on Tyga – Light Dreams) (Bonus Track)

Recorded by Gem I, Ego
Mixed by Gem I, Ego, Gwang-gi
Mastered by Ego, DONO
MV camera by sexy dragon, One Die
MV directed by One Die
Cover photo by Bella
Artwork designed by PjPark





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