Geegooin - Cinemakid E01 (cover)

Geegooin releases digital single ‘CinemaKid E01’ and MV

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Geegooin has released a new digital single today, titled ‘CinemaKid E01’, as well as a music video for the single’s bonus track ‘흙수저 (Scraper)’.

Before starting the team ‘Bangsaneung’ (방사능, Rhythm Power’s initial name) in his twenties, Geegooin was a kid who loved movies and dreamed of becoming a movie director. In the past and now, Geegooin has gained most of the inspiration for his music from movies. Therefore, he wanted his first solo release to be inspired by movies and it portrays himself the most honestly.
The ‘CinemaKid’ series only starts here. To be continued!

Tracklist, Credits, and Introduction
  1. VideoTape
    Lyrics by Geegooin | Composed and arranged by Huk
    The very first song of the ‘CinemaKid’ series starts with the line “A little child that waited for his father to fall asleep.” This honest track is about Geegooin’s memories of the video tapes which accompanied his childhood. The deep and melodical rap on producer Huk’s dreamy beat stands out and shows a new side of rapper Geegooin.
  2. Scenario (Feat. Hwaji, DJ Friz)
    Lyrics by Geegooin, Hwaji | Composed and arranged by Code Kunst
    This track is a new approach to the famous hiphop claim of “I will be the best” or “I am the best,” innovatively using movie directors’ names, movie titles or characters as metaphors. The song conveys that “I am writing the scenario for my successful life” and producer Code Kunst’s boom bap beat is packed with Geegooin’s rap. It is perfected by Hwaji’s hook and DJ Friz’s sexy scratching.
  3. HID (He Is Daddy)
    Lyrics by Geegooin | Composed and arranged by Code Kunst
    As an extension of the first track ‘VideoTape’, this one is about Geegooin’s father, expressing his love, respect, and sympathy for his parent: “My father will forever be my father.” When his father served in the military, the name of his unit was ‘HID’ (Headquarters Intelligence Department) which inspired Geegooin for this track, as well as a line from Dynamic Duo’s track ‘이력서’ (CV): “We were stronger than HID.”
  4. 흙수저 (Scraper) (Bonus Track)
    Lyrics by Geegooin | Composed and arranged by Lemec
    A refreshing rap track which shows off Geegooin’s skillful and artistic rapping. Most of the beat is filled with rap that frankly tells of times when things do not work out as planned and a feeling of inferiority sets in.


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