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Garion release single ‘그니까’

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Hiphop duo Garion have released the single ‘그니까‘ [So] on October 7 which features singer Son Seung-yeon.

The song sends a positive message to the Korean youth, saying that they should not be suppressed by reality but keep their head up. The lyrics’ background is how MC Meta and Naachal did not give up their dreams of becoming musicians, staying true to their attitude, and Son Seung-yeon tells of the difficulties she had to go through to realize her dream of becoming a singer. This is Son Seung-yeon’s first featuring as a rapper and the first track which she (partly) owns copyrights for.
The single was produced by Fascinating and Keeproots, who has been working with Garion since their single ‘이야기‘ [Story].


Produced by Keeproots & Fascinating
Lyrics by MC Meta, Naachal, Son Seung-yeon
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong @ 불켜진극장

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