Garion - 이야기 (cover)

Garion release new single ‘이야기’ (Story)

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Garion’s new single ‘이야기’ (Story) tells of what MC Meta and Naachal feel about the time they have lived through since they founded the duo in winter 1997.

The Korean hiphop scene which has a history of about twenty years has kept evolving and changing, and in this track Garion’s members rap their mind about their experiences during that time. Its solemn sound was produced by  Hallyangsa’s (한량사) producer Keeproots and fellow beatmaker Fascinating. Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) mixed and mastered it, creating a movie-like sound which intensifies the impressiveness of ‘이야기’ (Story). As the song title suggests, listening not only to the lyrics’ story but also to the narration of the beat is an important point of enjoying the music.

Garion’s new single ‘이야기’ (Story) is available on iTunes.

Executively Produced by 한량사 (Hallyangsa)
Produced by Keeproots & Fascinating
Lyrics by MC Meta, Naachal
Recorded & mixed by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) @ 불켜진 극장 (Lighted Theater)
Mastered by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) @ 불켜진 극장 (Lighted Theater)

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