G2 - Paradise (Feat. Sway D & Reddy) album cover

G2 releases single ‘Paradise (Feat. Sway D & Reddy)’

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‘Hiphop genius’ G2 of Hi-Lite Records has released the single ‘Paradise‘ today which features his labelmates Sway D and Reddy.

‘Paradise’ is the first pre-release off G2’s upcoming full-length album. With somewhat aggressive and provocative lyrics, the three rappers tell of their confidence about reality. With its laid-back and positive sound, the track has a West Side feel to it. That is because ‘Paradise’ was produced by Big Banana from Los Angeles, where G2 stayed for a long time. Big Banana has worked amongst others with Dumbfoundead, Junoflo, and KillaGramz before.

‘Paradise’ is available on iTunes

Lyrics by G2, Sway D, Reddy
Composed by BIG BANANA
Cover designed by i.hoody

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Source: Mnet