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Freelow releases single and MV ‘2:30 AM’

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Freelow of Whiteteez and W XCLSV has released the new single ‘새벽두시반 (2:30 AM)’ today.

Once again, Freelow worked together with same-aged producer Tracker who also joined him for the singles ‘데리러갈게 (Get You There)‘ and ‘이런식 (Like This)‘. ‘2:30 AM’ is based on the two men’s personal experiences. It is an R&B track that sound-wise expresses the feelings one would have at 2:30 AM and it even features singer Yeo Soojin who is known for her participation in ‘Duet Song Festival’.
The lyrics are about two lovers who already broke up but not properly. It is a special but common situation and Freelow recites the two people’s feelings using his unique sense of rhythm.

Meanwhile, Freelow is in the midst of preparing an EP album and has been releasing songs via Whiteteez’s YouTube channel, Naver Musician League, etc.

‘2:30 AM’ is available on iTunes

Executive Producer: Lee Kisung (W XCLSV)
Produced by Tracker
Composed by Tracker, Freelow
Arranged by Tracker, A.T.A
Lyrics by Freelow
Chorus by Yeo Soojin
Recorded by Hwang Daewoong @ W XCLSV Studio
Mixed & mastered by Hwang Daewoong @ W XCLSV Syudio
Artwork by Ceejay Fresh
MV directed by Kim Dongmin

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Source: Mnet