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Free tracks by Okasian feat. WIKIYOUNG and Young Jay

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Check out Okasian’s ‘숨어 (Sumo)’ featuring WIKIYOUNG and Young Jay’s ‘비워 REMIX’ which are both free to download!

‘숨어’ which translates to ‘Hide’ is a free track that was produced by Gaka. It has been released only three days ago but already has over 15,000 plays on SoundCloud (where you can also download it). Check it out below!



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RHYDMEKA, GUE, and DoItAllNight Crew’s Young Jay has released the remix of his track ‘비워’ [Empty] for free. ‘비워’ [Empty] is one track off his first full-length album ‘From Paju To Seoul’ that was released on May 20.
Download and listen to it below!

Download (You can also download via SoundCloud if you prefer.)



Produced by Royal Dive
Recorded by Young Jay @ DoItAllNight Studio
Mixed & mastered by Royal Dive & Ryoo Moonyong
Artwork by Raider


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