Fatdoo - 흔들의자 (cover)

Fatdoo releases single ‘흔들의자’ [Rocking Chair]

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Musician and stroyteller Fatdoo has released a new horror story today.

‘흔들의자’ [Rocking Chair] is about a boy who has nightmares. He cannot endure a strange ghost sitting on his head every night, so he starts talking to the ghost. However, the ghost takes more and more drastic actions, making the boy shake with anxiety. Why is the ghost not leaving the boy alone?
This track with its suspenseful story development clearly shows Fatdoo’s style. It features talented actress Joo-eun and game BJ Pinocchio for the narration. The album cover was designed by illustrator Kim Eunji who is a fan of Fatdoo’s. The song was produced by worldwide renowned jazz hiphop producers A June & J Beat who succeeded in creating a scary and thrilling sound.

The single is available on iTunes.

Produced by A June & J Beat
Lyrics by Fatdoo
Arranged by A June & J Beat
Narration by Joo-eun, Pinocchio


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Source: Naver Music