Fana - 데칼코마니 (cover)

Fana releases single ‘데칼코마니’

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Today, Fana released his new single ‘데칼코마니’ [Décalcomanie (French for decalcomania)] featuring The Barbarettes.

While Fana is known as ‘Rhyme Monster’ and has released songs about various themes, this single is his first love song. With Fana’s typical detailed expressiveness and sensitivity, he describes various patterns that arise when two lovers meet.
On the song feature The Barbarettes, the ‘time-travel’ girl group who have recently made a North America tour, and it was produced by skilled Kim Park Chella, who has produced tracks for Hanhae, Jerry.k, Huckleberry P, and B-Free before. The vocal melody was arranged by RealCollabo’s BrotherSu.

So far, Fana has performed ‘Décalcomanie’ at concerts only, which is why its release has gained lots of interest from hiphop fans. Since it took him one year to prepare the release, a documentary about the producing of the track will be released soon.

Check out a live version of the song below!

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