EZD - 양화 RMX (cover)

EZD releases third mixtape ‘양화 RMX’ (Yanghwa RMX)

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EZD has released his third mixtape ‘양화 RMX’ which is made up of six tracks.

All of them are remixes of Deepflow’s highly-praised album ‘Yanghwa’, made with the free ‘Yanghwa – Instrumental & Acapella’.

01. 신림 (양화 [Yanghwa] Remix)
02. 잘어울려 [Lookin Good].
03. 작두 [Cut Cut Cut].
04. 낡은 신발 [Old Shoes].
05. 불구경 [Fire].
06. 열반 [Nirvana].

Source: Deepflow – Yanghwa (Instrumental & Acapella)
Mixed & mastered by EZD
Cover art by EZD



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