EZD - DURq (덕) Mixtape Vol. 4 cover

EZD releases 4th mixtape ‘DURq (덕)’

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Rapper EZD has released his 4th mixtape ‘DURq (덕 [Virtue])’ today.

The mixtape is made up of 13 tracks, features genres like boom bap and trap, and is about EZD’s virtues and every-day feelings. It includes featurings by J.Yung, A.O Robin, Duel, and Moment J.
Download and listen to the mixtape below.

01. Durq (ft J.Yung) [inst – stay see ‘hip hop funk jazz’].
02. Slow Movie [inst – stay see ‘hip hop funk jazz’].
03. 입덫 [Morning Sickness] [inst – earl sweatshirt ‘Hive’].
04. Druq [inst – TRE ‘Heavy bass trap’].
05. Dead Man Fly (ft Duel) [kendrick lamar ‘the blacker the berry’].
06. Wanna Back [inst – LiveGian ‘boom bap’].
07. 그 길을 [That Path] (ft Moment J) [inst – andy beatz ‘TIME’ (Inception OST ‘TIME’)].
08. Mad Max (ft J.Yung) [inst – TMB the beatmaker ‘After.Da.$$’].
09. Driving crazy & Cool breeze (ft J.Yung) [inst – prod. klock work].
10. Sunshine (ft J.Yung) [inst – stay see ‘hip hop funk jazz’].
11. I keep it moving (ft J.Yung) [inst – jazz liberatorz ‘when the clock ticks’].
12. If I (ft J.Yung) [inst – Jvke ‘jazzy joey type baet’].
13. King Durq (ft A.O Robin) [inst – Spectra On The Beat ‘Slow trap rock type beat’].

Mixed & mastered by EZD
(10. Sunshine mixed by Honey Jun)
Cover art by I AM FUTURE (EZD)



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Source: ROKHipHop