Evo - Green Life (cover)

Evo releases full-length album ‘Green Life’ and MV ‘초록색여행’ [Green Trip]

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With songs like ‘Korean Idol’, ‘Today & Tomorrow’, and recently ‘I am happy because I’m happy’, Evo has been showing a variety of genres and today he has released his new full-length album ‘Green Life’. The album’s main theme is ‘alcohol’.

Meanwhile, to produce an even greater variety of sounds, Evo has formed the producer team B.A.D (Bounce All Day) together with Pinodyne’s Soulfish who he has been working with since his album ‘Beautiful Mind’. They are planning to release an album within this year.

1. 초록색여행 [Green Trip].
2. Sound Track
3. 완전히 뻔해 [Completely Obvious].
4. 밤하늘과 위스키 [The Night Sky and Whisky].
5. I am happy because I’m happy
6. Green Bottle
7. 건배PYDU [Cheers PYDU].
8. Today & Tomorrow (Lyrics Translation) (Music Video)


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