Errday - Wa-Yeah?! cover

Errday releases reggae single ‘Wa-Yeah?!’

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Errday, who has recently featured on POY’s ‘Hip Hop Bob Marley’ mixtape, has released the reggae single ‘Wa-Yeah?! today’.
In the single, he has expressed the social and personal pains of young people through love! “Youth, cheer up!”
The beat was produced by C.why, mixed and mastered by R.C, and the artwork was made by 5DOT, all of them are young men.

Executive producers: Errday, C.why
Producer: C.why
Recording studio: Errday Ok top
Recording engineer: Errday
Mixing engineer: R.C
Mastering studio: ONG Studio
Mastering engineer: R.C


Source: rokhiphop