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Errday releases EP album ‘발자국’

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Errday has released the EP album ‘발자국’ [Footprints] today which is about everything the artist has felt in 2015.

He writes: “I have met many people and received help from them. A lot of people annoyed me and made me angry. I was full of gratefulness and hate for all of them. Please take your time to enjoy the album from beginning until the end. Thank you!”


01. 가수다 [Singer].
02. Mardi Gras
03. 지우개 [Eraser] (Feat. Kirina)
04. Skit-덕곡이요 [It’s Deokgog].
05. 곳 [Place].
06. 키타를 모태서 나온 노래 [A Song I Made Because I Cahnnt Play the Guitar].
07. 사랑해 (하얀거짓말) [I Love You (White Lie)].
08. (Bonus Track) 갑자기 거짓말 [Suddenly A Lie] (Feat. Boiled Onion)

Lyrics by Yoo Kyungsoo (Errday)
Composed by Yoo Kyungsoo (Errday), Deeepsol, Joeswan, Mr.Tree, Riby-J, J;KEY, Kirina, Boiled Onion
Arranged by Deeepsol, Joeswan, Mr.Tree, Riby-J, J;KEY
Recorded by Riby-J @ G CLEF STUDIO
Mixed by Riby-J @ G CLEF STUDIO
Mastered by Riby-J @ G CLEF ENT

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Source: ROKHipHop