Enan - 얼마전까지 (Back Then) cover

Enan releases first single ‘얼마전까지 (Back Then)’

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Enan is one of the few R&B singers also proficient in writing lyrics, composing, and arranging.

He is part of Hoegidong-based crew Krosshartz as producer and singer. He has produced a variety of different genres, for example the track for the Chinese showcase of EXO’s Lay, the single track of Brand New Music’s Kang Minhee and Jace, and songs off his crewmate Ja Mezz’s album ‘1/4’.

Enan’s first single ‘얼마전까지 (Back Then)’ is a slow-tempo R&B track with a trendy melody development and honest lyrics. It is different from normal R&B tracks as it shows Enan’s very own charm.

Lyrics: Enan
Composition: Enan
Arrangement: Enan, GRENE MAN


Source: ROKHipHop