Dynamite, Jeon Keun-hwa - 허해 (album cover)

Dynamite and Jeon Keun-hwa release single ‘허해’ (Empty)

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Producer/rapper Dynamite and singer-songwriter Jeon Keun-hwa have collaborated on the sweet single ‘허해’ (Empty).

Dynamite debuted in 2009 with the album ‘Ultimate Dynamite‘ which featured amongst others Deepflow, Jerry.k, Kuan, Nassun, Minos, EachONE, and Ignito. In 2011 he released ‘호흡‘ together with KNOCKDOWN, an album that mixed hardcore rock with hiphop music. ‘허해’ is his third single.

When that fateful, presumably most beautiful meeting goes bad with time and finally ends with a breakup it turns out to be a letdown. The song is about the words hidden deep within that one cannot bring oneself to say. It was co-produced by Jinyoung Goh of Vinyl House.


Lyrics by Tae-gyoon Kim
Composed by Tae-gyoon Kim, Jinyoung Goh
Arranged by Jinyoung Goh


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