Double K - Dope (cover)

Double K releases single ‘Dope’ produced by B-Free

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Double K has released a new track today, titled ‘Dope (Feat. B-Free, G2)’ and produced by B-Free.

This year, Double K has already released the singles ‘R.O.K‘ in January and ‘Be Proud‘ in February.
‘Dope’ is an intense track with a dark atmosphere and heavy sound. It features Hi-Lite Records’ G2 and B-Free, who also produced the track, and the three rap about why they are dope, using proper metaphors and witty lyrics.
The word ‘dope’ can have several meanings, the most common one being ‘cool’. In this song, Double K gives it a new meaning by using it as an adjective for ‘swag’.

Double K’s new single ‘Dope’ is available on iTunes.

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Lyrics by B-Free, G2, Double K
Composed and arranged by B-Free

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