Doplamingo - 부쩍핸섬 (album cover)

Doplamingo releases single ‘부쩍핸섬 (Feat. Nucksal, JUSTHIS, DJ Tiz)’

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Producer Doplamingo has released the second part of his single project ‘Buster Call‘.

The first part was ‘Cream Funk‘ which he released together with his team Cream Villa.
‘부쩍핸섬’ (translates to: remarkably handsome) features Vismajor’s Nucksal, JUSTHIS who recently released his first full-length album ‘2 MANY HOMES 4 1 KID‘, and Cream Villa member DJ Tiz.


Lyrics by Nucksal, JUSTHIS
Composed and arranged by Doplamingo
Artwork by Bred


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