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Dope’Doug releases debut EP ‘나는 (Feelin’MySelf)’

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Dope’Doug has debuted with the EP album ‘나는 [I] (Feelin’MySelf)’ today, which features amongst others Glam Gould, D.meanor, Paloalto, and B-Free.

The album is available on iTunes.


01. 나는 [I] (Real SxxT) feat. D.meanor
Prod. by Cash
Lyrics by Dope’Doug, D.meanor
Mixed by Dope’Doug
Mastered by HILO (Isaac Han)

This track has been pre-released, give it a listen:

02. 빛 (The Light) feat. Paloalto, D.meanor
Prod. by Let The Galaxy Burn
Lyrics by Dope’Doug, D.meanor, Paloalto
Mixed and mastered by HILO (Isaac Han)

03. Chill & Kill feat. B-Free
Prod. by YongNFly
Lyrics by Dope’Doug, B-Free
Mixed by Dope’Doug
Mastered by HILO (Isaac Han)

04. 막 올라 (Bout To Lift)
Prod. by Glam Gould
Lyrics by Dope’Doug
Mixed by Dope’Doug, Glam Gould
Mastered by Glam Gould

05. She’s got that
Prod. by HILO (Isaac Han)
Lyrics by Dope’Doug
Mixed and mastered by HILO (Isaac Han)

06. 전부 우리꺼 [It’s All Ours].
Prod. by Hyuno93
Lyrics by Dope’Doug
Mixed by Dope’Doug
Mastered by HILO (Isaac Han)

07. 나는 꿈 [I, Dream] (Outro)
Prod. by CHEMIST
Lyrics by Dope’Doug
Mixed by Dope’Doug
Mastered by HILO (Isaac Han)

Art Dir./Art by Rowdee
Photography by Booba
Assistant photographer: AKA502HO
Support by Lee Joonhwa


Thanks to:
First, I sincerely thank Lee Joonhwa-hyungnim for making it possible that I can release an EP album. I will never forget your kindness. I thank my parents (Lee Taebong, Lee Youngja) who are probably having another hard day. I love you. My hyung and my noona (Lee Giho, Lee Mi-ae). My beloved girlfriend who I am grateful to, she is always my dream next to my side. Booba-hyungnim and Sunghoon, Gongmin, Rowdee-hyungnim, Paloalto-hyungnim, B-Free-hyungnim. D.meanor, Isacc who mixed track five and mastered all tracks and who always gives me good energy. Kwon Hangyul, Sung Donghwa, Hanhae, Kim Kiwoong, Lim Sooin, Kim Jiwon, Park Yooseung, Konsoul, vybe. Kim Jangmin, Kim Minho, Kwag Dongchan, Yoo Kyungsoo, Seung Young-gwang, Daenjel. Hyungwoo and Taemi, Hong Joonhyuk-hyungnim, Lee Hongwoon-hyungnim, Goo Sungchul, Goo Minchul, Lee Youngjin-hyungnim. My computer and equipment. Everyone who knows the names Lee Chulho and Dope’Doug and listens to my music, as well as everyone who participated in the making of the album, there are so many people I am grateful to. Finally, I sincerely thank everyone who is reading this right now. May you be happy!


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