Don Malik & Mild Beats - The Navel String (cover)

Don Malik & Mild Beats release MV for ‘About Muse’

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Newcomer Don Malik from daze alive music who is receiving a lot of attention recently and veteran producer Mild Beats have released the MV for ‘About Muse’, the title track of their EP ‘탯줄’ [The Navel String].

On the track ‘About Muse’, a beat that faithfully represents old school hiphop as a mix of a simple bassline with wide scaled drums and a funky brass sample meets Don Malik’s rap and lets you feel ‘heavy fun’. Don Malik thinks of himself as a historical successor of hiphop and with the track he celebrates the pioneers of hiphop music that he grew up with, using the hook “내가 태어난 해, 같이 태어난 Groove” [The groove that was born in the same year I was born]. Mild Beats as a veteran producer and Don Malik as a newcoming lyricist clearly show the aspect of ‘heavy fun’ on this track. In its music video, one hiphop kid pictures himself advancing as [rapper] Don Malik of daze alive music. It was directed by Changgook (창국) who already worked with Don Malik on his mixtape’s track ‘WGSP’ before.

‘탯줄’ [The Navel String] Tracklist:
01. 90’s Freestyle
02. Old School
03. About Muse
04. Street (feat. DJ Kendrickx)
05. Interlude
06. 첫울음 [First Cry].
07. 90’s Freestyle *
08. Old School *
09. About Muse *
10. Street *
11. Interlude *
12. 첫울음 [First Cry] *
* Instrumental, CD only

‘탯줄’ [The Navel String] on iTunes

Produced by Mild Beats
Lyrics by Don Malik
Recorded by JayCry at Rhythmer Studio
Mixed & mastered by Park Gyungsun (박경선) at Boost knob
‘About Muse’ MV directed by Changgook (창국)


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