DJ Juice - Love Me Harder (cover art)

DJ Juice releases single and MV ‘Love Me Harder (Feat. Skull & Sanchez)’

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DJ Juice of BrandNew Music has released the new single ‘더쎄게 (Love Me Harder)’ today.

In March, DJ Juice released the full-length album ‘BEATful Life‘, then he toured internationally, produced tracks for several artists, participated in SBS’ DJ show ‘Triangle’, and much more. Now he is back with a new single.

Love Me Harder (더쎄게)‘ is a dancehall-based tropical house track, perfect for the summer, and features South Korea’s most prominent reggae musician Skull and singer-songwriter/rapper Sanchez. The combination of Skull’s typical reggae voice and Sanchez’ very own R&B vocals sets the tone of the song. The single also includes a remix track by Shaun and Vandalrock who also appeared on ‘Triangle’.

Track List & Credits:
  1. 더쎄게 (Love Me Harder) (Feat. Skull, Sanchez) TITLE
    Produced, composed and arranged by DJ Juice
    Lyrics written by Skull, Sanchez
    All instruments by DJ Juice
  2. 더쎄게 (Love Me Harder) (Shaun, Vandal Rock Remix)
    Produced by DJ Juice
    Composed by DJ Juice, Shaun, Vandal Rock
    Lyrics written by Skull, Sanchez
    Arranged by Shaun, VandalRock
    All instruments by Shaun, VandalRock
  3. 더쎄게 (Love Me Harder) (Inst.)

Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy
Produced by DJ Juice
Promotion & Artist Management Director: Seowoo Nam
Production Co-ordinators: Master Key, Won Young-Heon, dongnaehyung, 리시, 9999, XEPY, Taewan, DJ Juice
Recorded by Minsung Choi at Tone Studio
Mixed by Master Key at 821 Sound, Shaun, VandalRock at 173 studio
Mastered by Master Key at 821 Sound

Administration Director: Hyungwook Kim
Administration & Accounting: Sunghye Yoon, Semin Kim, Sunjoo Kim
Promotion Manager: Min-gyoo Jung
Artist Management: Hojin Lee, Yong-wan Kwon, Joonbae Kim
Media Planning: Uibong Jung
Marketing Planning: Meehee Lee
Marketing & Online Promotion: Meehee Lee, Jung-ah Oh, Narisa Takayama
Fan Marketing: Narisa Takayama, Jung-ah Oh
Overseas Business: WARNER MUSIC KOREA CO.,LTD.
A&R: Youngjoon Yoo, Nara Kim

Art Direction & Design: Jay Flow
Cover Design: Artime Joe
MV & video art directed by FILO Production
Production Editor: Seo Dam Eun
D.I: Kim Seung Yeol
Graphics: Kang Kyeong-ho
Video by DJ Juice, Choi Ji Min, Kim Seong Min
Hair and Makeup: Jooyoung Han, Sooyeon Joh, Hyejung Yoon, Jiyeon Min (BLACK LIP)



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Source: Mnet

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