DJ Dopsh - If I Was Lil Boi (cover)

DJ Dopsh releases mix-set ‘If I Was Lil Boi’

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Grandline Entertainment’s DJ Dopsh has released a new mix-set titled ‘If I Was Lil Boi’ for free.

Spending a lot of time with Lil Boi, DJ Dopsh has included unreleased tracks of Lil Boi’s as well as music he enjoys listening to. The artwork was made by Park Yoonseo (YN). Last week, DJ Dopsh has released the mix-set “압Town Funk” [Uptown Funk] for free and said that he will release another one next week. He has and will continue to leave information about the making of the mix-sets on Hiphopplaya’s community board.

Artwork by YN
Songs selected by DJ Dopsh
Mixed by DJ Dopsh
Recorded by DJ Dopsh
Mastered by DJ Dopsh

Also check out the mix-set “압Town Funk” [Uptown Funk] that was released last week:


[ source: hiphopplaya ].
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