Detempo - 뭐가 (cover)

Detempo releases 10th single ‘뭐가’

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Rapper and songwriter Detempo has released his 10th digital single ‘뭐가’ [What] on August 14.

After his last album ‘Alright’, Detempo revealed that he was preparing multifaceted projects for August which include him producing, rapping, directing, etc. As announced, he performed at various concerts, featured on songs, produced albums, and has now released his tenth single which has a refreshing feel perfect for the summer.

‘뭐가’ [What] gives an insight into the difficult social situations young people have to face nowadays in 2015 and sends them the supporting message “Do what you want to do.” It is a fun disco track full of self-ridicule and encouragement. It features Kim Naehyun, lead singer of the band Rock’N’Roll Radio which performed for example at MIDEM 2015, and toured France.
‘뭐가’ [What] has a fast beat with various percussions, strings and brass, and features bassist Baek Seungkwon and guitarist Lee Serin’s groovy play.
Detempo has even mixed and mastered this single, and its cover artwork was made by graphic designer Sung-eun.

Meanwhile, Detempo has announced that his next project which will feature various music genres will be based on six continents.


01. 뭐가 [What] (Feat. Kim Naehyun of Rock’N’Roll Radio)
02. 뭐가 What] (Inst.)

Produced by Detempo
Composed by Detempo
Arranged by Detempo, Lee Serin, Baek Seungkwon
Lyrics by Detempo
Guitars by Lee Serin
Bass guitars by Baek Seungkwon
Mixed & mastered by Detempo
Chorus by Detempo
Artwork by Park Sung-eun

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