Denzel O'Mighty, Karacin Jr. - DOIN' BISH (album cover)

Denzel O’Mighty and Karacin Jr. pre-release single and MV ‘DOIN’ BISH’

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Trap beatmaker Denzel O’Mighty and PBR&B singer Karacin Jr. have pre-released the single ‘DOIN’ BISH‘ off their upcoming album ‘Maple10’.

‘DOIN’ BISH’ shows off the two musician’s styles which work perfectly together. The track’s lyrics tell the story of a man who is only looking for fun and nothing serious, but reading between the lines and listening to the minor melody, the man’s loneliness becomes clear. While there are very few lyrics in each verse, as if the man is trying to hide the fact that he is lonely, the repetitive hook seems to show his complicated feelings.

Look forward to the two artists’ album ‘Maple10‘ that’s coming out November 8 and will also include this trap soul track.


All written by Karacin Jr., Denzel O’mighty
Arranged by Karacin Jr., Denzel O’mighty
Produced by Denzel O’mighty
Album cover and MV by Anthony’s World
Album photo by KING CHARACIN
MV model: Soyeon Ji
Thanks to Dino$oul

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