Defconn - 엄마가 기다리셔 (Unconditional Love) cover

Defconn releases single ‘엄마가 기다리셔 (Unconditional Love)’

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Defconn has released a new single today, titled ‘엄마가 기다리셔’ [lit. Mom is Waiting].

After ‘아버지’ [Father], this is another present, this time for all the mothers who look after their children all their life. Son and mother, feeling shy and sorry, clumsy but warm and touching feelings, that is what this song is all about. Defconn hopes for all families to have a good start into the new year while listening to this song. Look forward to the various stories the artist will tell this year.

‘엄마가 기다리셔 (Unconditional Love)’ on iTunes

Produced by Defconn & Watchconn
Executive producer: D.I Music
Recorded at 02Eva Studios by Watchconn
Mixed at Pentagon Studios by Watchconn, Defconn
Mastered at JFS Studios by Kwon Namwoo
Cover art designed by Camo
Composed and Arranged by Watchconn
Lyrics by Defconn
Beats, Bass, Keyboards, Synths by Watchconn
Backup vocals by Defconn, Watchconn

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Source: ROKHipHop