Deepflow - 양화 Instrumental & Acapella (cover)

Deepflow releases ‘Yanghwa – Instrumental & Acapella’ for free

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To celebrate his birthday on August 2, Deepflow has released the instrumentals and acapellas of his third album ‘Yanghwa’ that came out in April.

You can download below. Also check out ‘Yanghwa’ on iTunes if you have not listened to it yet.



01. 열반 [Nirvana].
02. 불구경 [Fire].
03. 낡은 신발 [Old Shoes] (Feat. Taewan, Sean2slow)
04. 잘 어울려 [Lookin Good].
05. 당산대형 [Big Brother] (Feat. DJ Soulscape, Don Mills, VASCO)
06. 작두 [Cut Cut Cut] (Feat. Nucksal, Huckleberry P)
07. 빌어먹을 안도감 [F*****g Relief] (Feat. ODEE)
08. 나 먼저 갈게 [See Ya].
09. 양화 [Yanghwa] (Feat. Soulman)
10. 역마 [Wanderer].
11. Cliche (Feat. Kayon, Chaboom)
12. Deadline (Feat. VEN)
13. 개로(開路) [Knock the Door] (Feat. Dragon A.T, Satbyeol)
14. Bucket List (Feat. Woo Hyemi)
15. 가족의 탄생 [New Family] (Feat. Don Mills, Wutan)

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