Deepflow once again reacts to Don Malik with diss track ‘DazeAllLie’

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In the relentless diss battle between Don Malik and Deepflow, the boss of VMC has uploaded another diss track, titled ‘DazeAllLie’.

As lesser known rappers (the most prominent of them being Kor Kash) are already trying to get a free ride on this diss battle by targeting Don Malik, Deepflow has responded to Don Malik‘s latest diss track ‘Deep talk‘.

This time around, the track produced by VMC’s VEN is titled ‘DazeAllLie’ and, as expected, targets not only Don Malik but his entire label daze alive. Its members are, besides Don Malik, rappers Jerry.k, SLEEQ, and singer Rico.
Deepflow beings his verse with responding, not answering, to the last lines of Don Malik’s verse:

“What, answer? I’ll just hit you with rap and hang you from a bridge
That bridge is Yanghwa and you’ll never awake from that nightmare
People close to me all stop me, saying ‘Why unnecessarily waste your energy?’
I don’t care, f*cking DAZEALIVE, Megal fam.”

“Megal” is short for “Megalia,” a Korean “feminist” website that was rather controversial. The word “megal” is now used in lieu of “misandrist” in order to insult feminists. daze alive’s members, especially SLEEQ and Jerry.k, are known for being feminists. SLEEQ left a great impression as she proclaimed “I’m hella feminist” on Mic Swagger before.
Deepflow goes on to diss Jerry.k, daze alive’s CEO, by inviting Don Malik:

“Hang out with me, I’ve taught you better than your CEO”

In his first diss track, Deepflow dissed Don Malik about getting his first tattoo on his throat, to which the latter responded with “My first tattoo is on my back, my name and a crown / I’ve never showed my back to you so you can’t see it.” This was meant in reference to the idea of “never showing one’s back to the enemy.” Deepflow tackles this with the following:

“Sorry, unlike you I don’t lean that way, I don’t want to see your back”

Interesting is also this line in which Deepflow addresses Don Malik’s request for an answer to why VMC, according to Malik, “went back on their word:”

“If you want an explanation, just conduct a hearing or something”

Deepflow also lets us know that he apparently knows the name of the person Don Malik censored in ‘old Wave‘. Malik mentioned in his interview with HiphopLE that his feelings of anger and disappointment toward that person had disappeared which is why he censored their name.

“I know the person whose name you hid behind a beep
Malik was afraid he wouldn’t be able to release his album without that person
People might not know this but you’re gifted at marketing
Like your CEO’s real intention you’re aiming for the Blue Ocean”

In the last line, the veteran rapper is referring to the marketing strategy “Blue Ocean Strategy,” once again accusing Don Malik, and Jerry.k, of noise marketing. The image Deepflow used for this track is a screenshot of Don Malik’s interview with HiphopLE whose caption reads: “Yes, it was noise marketing.”  This was Don Malik joking about the idea, he then added: “No, I’ve actually risked too much [with the diss track] for this to just be noise marketing. I’d never risk my life [as an artist] for marketing one mere single. I simply wanted to wrap up those feelings inside of me as soon as possible. That’s why I released the diss track.”
Deepflow ends his verse with this:

“Finishing off a twelve years younger guy equals exactly the snacks for drinks”

In other words: “winning the diss battle against you was a piece of cake.”



Korean fans are still thrilled, fully enjoying the exchange between these two rappers. The opinions range from “As expected from God Sanggoo [Deepflow],” “He destroyed him [Don Malik],” to “This was weak but I enjoyed it.”
The attention is on the two rappers and their labels as the battle is getting bigger. “I wonder if someone will respond again?” asks one curious fan.

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