Debi targets Owen Ovadoz with diss track ‘Ovadozed’

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Rapper Debi has uploaded the track ‘Ovadozed‘ via SoundCloud yesterday, which is after Simba Zawadi’s ‘불꽃’ another diss track directed at Owen Ovadoz.

Debi released his debut single ‘Hiphoper’ in 2013. In April this year he released the single ‘Thirsty‘ as a member of YPZ together with Killagramz and Incredivle. Together with Owen Ovadoz, Debi was in the duo ODB. The two rappers released two mixtapes together, ‘ODB Part 1: ODB‘ and ‘ODB Part 2: Move Da Culture‘.

Two weeks ago, Simba Zawadi dissed Owen Ovadoz with the track ‘불꽃’ (lit.: flames), to which Owen reacted with the track ‘세금발머리바나난리우드 (saygeumballmariahbananollywood)‘, which was in fact not a diss track.
Now with Debi, another rapper who has worked with Owen has come forward to express his complaints. And he does not hold back:

Beforehand you said you’d feature without pay
Then you sent me your lyrics and recording, asking for money
I asked, “Why suddenly?” Condescendingly,
you only then tell me: “It’s business”
A lunatic who “overdozed,” who are you trying to deceive?
Now you suddenly want 2 mil won pay for your featuring?
You’ve waited nearly half a year, I thought it was “business?”
You who use your label as an excuse should just suck up to Loopy all your life
J-Man called me, saying he’ll kill you
On the day of the music video shooting you couldn’t be reached, you were absent without notice
The reason was that you overslept, I don’t really get it
Before you get beaten, get a hold of your common sense
I throw oil into the flames Simba lit
I too was deceived by your fake beliefs
You ain’t Mufasa, you’re Scar who’s just waiting
for his chance then dies. Today’s a good day to die
Your left and right cheek, Imma have to smash it
After hitting you with [my] rap, I put you in a casket
Sanggoo-hyung, can we hang this one [from the bridge] too?

With the last two lines, Debi references a line from Deepflow‘s diss track ‘DazeAllLie‘ which was directed at Don Malik: “I’ll just hit you with rap and hang you from a bridge.” “Sanggoo” is Deepflow’s first name.

You’re like meju, a basic ingredient for making Korean soy sauce
I’ll grill you on Sangwook’s hot beat
Grow up already, in three years you’re a thirty-year-old adult too
Bad-mannered children who constantly lie
deserve the whip, you’ve grown a lot Hyunwoo
Ha ha ha ha ha ha funny
When searching your name, the first news result is about rapist Owen

As a fact, upon searching Owen’s name in Korean in the News section of Google, the first result is about the incident on Instagram live.

A little Cho Doo Soon d*ck with rape fantasies

Cho Doo Soon is a convicted criminal who kidnapped, assaulted and raped an eight-year-old girl in 2008.

I can diss and diss you there’s no end, you’re the king of stupid acts
Money? Funny, you make it rain in the eyes of your parents
I believed in you but in the end you’re full of contradictions, you is fake
When you performed together with me you were purely yourself,
you said it in an interview, your stance
However, you sold your soul for 2 mil won
Your fabric is drenched in todayism
F*ck Owen Ovadoz, you ain’t hip hop
Don’t pretend to do it for the culture, you ain’t hip hop

F*ck Owen, f*ck Ovadoz
F*ck you and your company b*tch


Korean Fans’ Reactions

Fans (on HiphopLE) were impressed by the intense lyrics and that someone who was close to Owen stepped forward and dissed him: “It’s not like he [Debi] doesn’t know him [Owen], this is coming from someone who’s released mixtapes together with Owen .. Owen, what on earth?” “If those lyrics are true … he [Owen] is the type of person I don’t like,” “No smoke without fire right, and there’s so much smoke.”

“Now, have some popcorn everyone (munchmunchmunch)”

“Debi’s lyrics are …. I wonder how Owen will react”

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