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Dbo releases mixtape ‘2’

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Dbo has released the mixtape ‘2’ today, making it the fourth mixtape he releases this year!

1. 외로운투쟁 [Lonely Fight] (prod zl5)
2. 난파선 [Shipwreck].
3. 없소 [Don’t Have].
4. Fucked up (prod Moon)
5. 난 가고있어 [I’m Going].
6. baby baby
7. 우와 [Woowah].
8. Pop That Pill
9. 1.5 (feat Kigga)
10. Miss me wit it
11. Back2Sea
12. tuna face

Mixed by Limbo (1, 4, 9), Moon
Cover artwork by Woogi Maniere




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Source: Hiphopplaya