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Dbo Releases Mixtape ‘1’

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After his first mixtape ‘0’, Show Me The Money 3 contestant Dbo has released his second mixtape ‘1’ that consists of ten tracks.

Dbo received attention for his appearance on Show Me The Money 3, where he was chosen by YDG despite what many saw as a laughable performance. However, after Dbo’s elimination from the show, netizens discovered his SoundCloud account and found out that YDG might not have been so wrong with his assessment after all (?). Later, fellow contestant Giriboy asked for Dbo’s contact details via Twitter, which once again gained fans’ attention. Do check out Dbo’s new mixtape to find out about him for yourself!

Track list:
01. Rap shit
02. 내가 누군지 [Who I Am].
03. 우주 [Space].
04. snitch bitch (feat. DZ, Kigga)
05. 야임마 [Hey Man].
06. right world
07. 난 괜찮아 [I’m Alright].
08. 변 [Change/Excrement].
09. 아직살아있어 [I’m Still Alive] (feat. Kigga)
10. Im gone

Mixed & mastered by DZ, Jix (3, 10), Jaydubb (7)
Cover art designed by Woogi Maniere


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